In NEXTRADE, we are aware of the challenges that many customers face in today’s competitive markets, such as the demand of merchandises transport quickly and accurately, the efficient use of time to stay competitive, the limitations of regulations and bureaucracy in other countries, high prices of logistics and many other challenges.

One of the great achievements of NEXTRADE is the integration of vast professional knowledge (logistics, dispatch and technical) in a team dedicated to providing simple and simplified solutions to customers.


Our mission is to support clients, agents and other professionals in logistics and foreign trade, to exceed their best results, improving the performance and quality of their processes and, at the same time, minimize costs and protect their interests.


To be the best provider of logistics and foreign trade services in the region. To achieve this, we have established a culture that supports the members of our team so that they can provide exceptional service to our clients.


  • Integrity: be clear with all our customers.
  • Responsibility: share with our clients all our processes.
  • Empathy: put ourselves in the client’s place.
  • Quality: work for excellence.
  • Collaboration: strengthen the link with customers.