Customs Clearance

  • Imports
  • Exports
  • Representations
  • Maritime Procurement
  • Transits, transfers and re-shipments.
  • Maritime, Air and Land Cargo LCL FCL
  • Storage and Distribution
  • International trade advising
  • Applications in entities connected with VUI and VUE
  • INAN, SENAVE, DINAVISA, INFONA, MSP, Central Laboratory, SEAM, Merchant Marine, among others.

Why working with us?

In Nextrade we know that the customs clearance forms the last and most complex stage in the process of import and export, because it is in the act of the customs audit, in the customs, that the failures or non-conformities occurred in the previous stages are identified, product of inadequate technical advice. For this reason, in Nextrade we expand the margin of safety of the importer or exporter since the total conduction of the process is carried out only by Nextrade, since it interacts proactively and directly in all the stages, which minimizes the possibilities of failure.

Foreing Trade

The purchasing department offers its infrastructure in Asunción and Miami to guarantee the best service in foreign trade. We quote the products you need, process your orders, and deliver them where required, we have fast door-to-door service and standard freight service.

Why working with us?

The role of International Trade is closely related to the continuous growth of the companies and people who dedicate themselves to it. Either the simple marketing of goods, or sealing agreements for the exchange of raw materials or even Processed Products, guaranteeing a monetary movement and seeking a normal functioning of the economy. In Nextrade we understand this importance, for that reason we provide a complete advice to the people or companies that are dedicated to the activities of commerce to be able to facilitate and simplify the processes that they imply, saving unnecessary time and costs for the client, which generates not only an important commercial operation for them, but also an added value.

Logistic Services

We manage transport and logistics solutions, whether maritime, by land or air. We also manage shipments abroad, carry out a series of logistics operations, develop processes throughout the logistics chain and efficiently manage the information flows involved.

Why working with us?

We are committed to provide the best quality services and avoid unnecessary problems. Since there are several “agents” available in the area, but cannot give a direct and accurate treatment with the quality standards of our company. With our company you will be 100% sure that you get what you see, from the first moment you get in touch with us. No extra commissions, no last-minute expenses, no additional bonuses. Just call us or send us an email with your needs or requirements, we will be happy to give you an adequate response.

Also, with the need to audit our own performance objectively, we gather information daily about our different operational departments, in order to detect inconsistencies or opportunities to improve the processes comparing them with the best companies in the world.

Operating in all ports of the Paraguay-Paraná Waterway.
We operate regularly with uploads from Nueva Palmira and downloads from Brazil and Bolivia.
We make movements with barges of products such grains, flour, fertilizers, cement, clinker.

We manage any type of cargo: land transport of grains, fertilizers, oils, fuels, dangerous materials, dry loads in general. Fumigation and consolidation of cargoes in containers and / or in bulk – Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Bolivia, Chile, Paraguay.

We leave every weekend from Miami and we have air freight services in two modes: Standard Freight (with a guide assigned to your company for the realization of the dispatch in our office in Asunción) and Freight with Door to Door Service (where you’ll find your goods at our Asuncion office)

Legal and Economic Consultancy

  • Economic and financial consulting
  • Market research
  • Development of ventures
  • Company creation and establishment
  • Procedures for state entities
  • Legal services

Why working with us?

In NEXTRADE we offer an integral service specialized both in the development of strategies and in the support for the different stages of the creation and establishment of a company offering, among other services: project management of opening of companies in Paraguay, process management and of services, market studies, realization of maquila projects, management of residence documents for foreigners, consulting and support to maximize organizational performance minimizing unnecessary costs.

We also carry out market studies to detect opportunities and create scenarios for investments of all kinds, in addition to the continuous support from creation to the start-up of your company.

We work with national, multinational companies, both in the private and public sectors.